Export MySQL Database to Excel using PHP

Export MySQL Database to Excel using PHP

Inserting Excel data to your MySQL Database and getting all the data when required is a much needed operation in websites maintenance or development. So making all these operations easy is really needy.

I am presenting you a PHP script to export mysql to excel sheet and download. Script is originally written by Oliver Schwarz <[email protected]>

Following are the script to call the class file and produce the output. Just download the php file and class file and follow the following steps,

Create Download Link

Including the Class file

Including Database File for MySQL Connection

Prepare the Column Names

Looping for Writing the data into Excel

Creating & Exporting the Excel

It’s that much easy right, and super handy also. Download the library and the working example code as described above to have a kick start.

Download – Export to Excel

Happy Coding 🙂

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